I walk out of here today feeling great. Cleansed and happy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy


The Spa is undoubtedly an excellent remedy for anyone whose overall fitness and health is below par as the result of a punishing city-based lifestyle. In short The Spa is an unbeatable font of healthy living. The ecstatic feeling that I achieved on day seven was worth all the deprivation.


I had heard about the fasting program at The Spa Resort from friends who had returned with rediscovered cheekbones and eyes gleaming with health. It is now considered one of Asia’s premier Health Resorts.


Check it out, check it out. It’s incredible, check it out !!! You gave me a new outlook for life and it is only the beginning! See you soon


I write these remarks with the greatest respect and admiration for Guy, the Chairman of the board. Thank you Guy for establishing this place and for the program. After the sixth day I could tell from my eyes that a major amount of toxins had left my body. On the tenth day my brown/green eyes started turning blue. After fourteen days my psoriasis is gone !! I have the body of a thirty five year old man and I am doing yoga postures like I have not done for years. I am now sixty years old and had my sixtieth birthday here. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift!. Thank you Guy, Toi and staff at The Spa Resort


Thank you so much for a genuine healing experience. I will definitely return for a longer period and tell all my friends. Blessings,


It was one of the best experiences of my life and I can hardly wait to return, you changed my life. Thanks for everything sincerely

Willy and Susie

I would like to share with you that I feel blessed and grateful to be here. This is my second fast and I couldn’t believe it but more faecal matter came out than the first time”! Thank you crew at The Spa. God exists “A great time had by all. I was fit, trim and my eyes were clear thanks to the fasting and cleansing. We hope to return in December

Regards, Robert

Thanks for your prompt reply … I forgot to mention, I lost “THIRTEEN” KILOGRAMS over your 7 day cleansing fast program…I played EIGHT sets of tennis last Saturday and still had ENERGY to burn…I felt very light on my feet…I have incorporated more “RAW” fruit/veges/nuts into my diet DAILY!!!


The Astonishing Results of Not Eating. You should have seen what came out of me. There were dozens of these really funny looking things. I’ve lost about five pounds of that black, rubbery stuff in the past three days. I can’t believe it’s been sitting inside me all these years. Obviously you can fast anywhere. But being on a Thai beach makes it a whole lot easier. Weight loss of course is one of its benefits and believers claim far greater benefits