Radiance Menu

The Spa Resorts offer a totally distinctive culinary experience. Gourmet raw foods dishes will surprise you with their flavor, texture, and satisfying heartiness. Please note Spa Samui Mountain Retreat (Spa Village) offers only pre & post cleansing food and raw food, no cooked food.

Vegetarian & Vegan Thai food | Traditional Thai dishes to include chicken and fish
From Around the World
Vietnam Spring rolls | Amazing multi-national salads
Great Mexican Taco's Burritos and Tostadas
Assorted breakfast delights
Raw Food Delights
Power Fusion Smoothies | Goji Berry Smoothie
Rare Juice Combos | Wheatgrass Pina Colada | Cultured Drinks
Ginger Blast | Tamarind Cooler
Cacao Magic | Wheatgrass
Raw Energy Foods | Soups
Raw Pizza | Raw Pad Thai
Vegetable Lasagna | Nori Rolls
Zucchini Pasta | Tropical Miso Soup
Thai Tom Yum Coconut Soup | Gazpacho
Garden Burger | Waldorf Salad a la Thai
Divine Home Made Raw Desserts
Raw Chocolate fruit pie | Chocolate Mousse
Raw Apple Pie | Mango Coconut Flan
Just Like Cheesecake | Zen of Chocolate | Fresh Almond Milk

Note: By eliminating animal-based foods, processed grains/sugars, and many trans-fatty acids from the diet, you can dramatically reduce risk of (and in some cases even reverse)
 cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. You can even mitigate daily annoyances ranging from allergies, headaches, bad skin to constipation or low energy. When you remove toxicity from your internal self the body rebounds to health.