You are very fortunate to have Holistic Health Practitioners here at the Spa Samui year round. Each and every one of them are dedicated to there specialty in helping you achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle.


Marion is a Trained Detox Cleanse & Health Advisor

Marion is a certified holistic healer, yoga teacher and Reiki Master passionate to share her knowledge with you  on your journey to healing and wellbeing here at THE SPA RESORT.


Paulo - Hawaiian Healing

Your introduced to a Polynesian spiritual art form that releases negative emotions and toxic energy creating more balance and well being internally.


Anthony - Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy combined with NLP is proven a safe and effective way to make fast and lasting changes in your life. Most clients experience vast improvements within 1-2 sessions depending on the challenge.



Emotional Releasing

Wayne Walker

Releasing, a gentle yet powerful healing. Releasing involves no touching of the physical body. During a session, Wayne combines the spoken Releasing technique with his clairvoyant and healing gifts to assist people in identifying mental, emotional and energetic blocks and Release them. 




Omesh - Astrology


Learn to realise your true life's potential with palmistry and astrological readings by Omesh Langmann.  A professional astrologer for more than 27 years, Omesh can help you to uncover your own personal path and understand the challenges you will face in life.



Dr. John-Chiropractic


Dr John is a Canadian chiropractor and has been in practice for 30+ years.