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After the Cleanse

After the Cleanse  For 3-4 days after the cleanse we recommend that you just eat fresh fruits, salads and vegetables and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices. This allows the digestion to come back into action easily without burdening it with heavy food choices. You should always drink plenty of water every day. 


After the Cleanse

For 3-4 days after the cleanse we recommend that you just eat fresh fruits, salads and vegetables and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Here at The Spa Resorts our Radiance Restaurant provides you with a wide variety of dishes that are suitable for breaking the fast and the days following. We have an abundance of salads, raw dishes, juices and vegetable dishes that will ensure a healthy re-introduction to eating. You should always drink plenty of water every day, minimum 8-10 glasses.

On the first day of breaking the fast, we recommend just fruits and simple salads. This allows the digestion to come back into action easily without burdening it with heavy food choices. Raw foods contain lots of enzymes, so eating just raw foods for the first few days will support your body's own digestive processes.

Many people find they have constipation for a day or two after the cleanse because the digestive system has been out of action during the detoxification period. That is why is it crucial to stick to fruits and salads during the first couple of days. You do not want to fill up the digestive system with hard to digest foods such as bread and meat. As part of our program, we provide some herbal laxative tea just in case. Psyllium husk in water and extra probiotics may also be taken to speed things up. Don't forget plenty of water.

Our health advisers are available for any further questions you may have after your fast.

Back home

If you can't stay for 3-5 days afterwards to break the fast here at The Spa, please ensure that you stick a fresh fruit, salads and vegetable diet for those first few days of eating. Take-away salads and fruits are available for you to take on your homeward journey to avoid having to eat the airplane food.

For the next few weeks after the cleanse, you will naturally be drawn to healthier food choices as you continue to feel the benefits of the cleanse. If your diet was on the unhealthy side before your experience at The Spa, then try to take things slowly by making changes gradually, for example, snack on fruits and vegetables instead of confectionary, order a salad with your meal instead of fries, drink a fresh vegetable juice at your local juice bar regularly or buy your own juicer, choose healthy cooking methods such as grilling and steaming and avoid fried foods. These are some examples of the ways you can change your diet for the better. The number one rule for a healthier diet is to eat more natural foods as close to their natural form as possible and avoid processed foods. If it doesn't grow on a tree or in the ground, don't eat it! If you have to read long words on a packet, don't eat it!

10 tips for a healthier you

Aim to eat 7 portions of fruit and vegetables per day – 3 pieces of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables
Eat raw, unsalted nuts and seeds daily
Switch to whole grains and avoid processed “white” foods
Drink plenty of water – at least 8 glasses daily
Include a daily fresh vegetable juice in your routine
Exercise for 30 minutes each day, swimming, walking and cycling are easy options
Take 10 deep breaths at least 3 times each day
Minimize your meat intake and switch to organic meat
Eat at least one big salad daily
Build quality relaxation into your lifestyle – meditate, take a lavender bath, walk in nature

A word on probiotics

Many people have a compromised intestinal flora, meaning the balance of friendly and non-friendly organisms that live in the intestines. Probiotic (friendly bacteria), such as acidophilus and bifido bacteria play an important role in our overall health. They are responsible for may functions such as keeping the digestive lining healthy, healthy peristalsis (gut motility), nutrient absorption, aiding neutralization of spent hormones for excretion, boosting immune function and keeping pathogenic (disease forming) organisms at bay, such as candida and parasites. They are crucial for a healthy colon.

Antibiotics, stress, air travel, medications and alcohol may affect the balance of friendly bacteria in our systems. If you have had antibiotics it is important to replace the friendly bacteria with a quality probiotic supplement.

After the cleanse, we recommend that you top-up your levels with a good probiotic for a month or so. During the cleanse we provide you with a “Floragrow” capsule each night during the program. Part of the breaking the fast routine involves drinking fermented probiotic drinks and doing a probiotic “implant” before you begin eating again.

If you need any further advice about probiotics, our health advisers will be able to help you.

Frequency of fasting

The frequency of fasting will depend on individual circumstances, such as diet and lifestyle and current level of health. Many people find that a 7 day cleanse once a year is sufficient with a couple of shorter 3 day fasts in between. Some people like to do a fast one day per week as maintenance, or a mini-fast one weekend per month. You can choose. Listen to your body.

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