Meditation Retreats

At Dipabhāvan Meditation Center one can experience the joy of a peaceful and tranquil mind. Let's call it a 'Mind Cleanse', a place to learn/practice meditation. 


Dipabhāvan provides everything necessary to facilitate meditation training such as a beautiful and secluded environment, proper regulation, Buddha's teachings, suitable accommodation, nutritious, vegetarian food and experienced and friendly staff.

Dipabhāvan is located on the hillside slope of the high mountain in the southeast of Koh Samui.  When you look around from there, you can see beautiful sea views, coconut trees and high mountains covered by green forest. All of those are the conditions supporting the meditator to progress in meditation, and it's FREE.

Courses start every month at 5pm from 7th to 10th 3 day retreat and from 20th to 27th 7 day retreat.  We can arrange transport from The Spa Beach and a reserved spot if you let us know.

Take a look at their website HERE.

You can also consider a 10 day retreat at Wat Suan Mohhk in Chyia outside of Suratthani on the mainland. Contact us for more details.