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Welcome to The Spa Resorts Samui, we have two locations on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

We're happy to be a community of health minded friends going back over 2 decades. We come here to learn about good health and taking responsibility for our lifestyle.  We're able to connect with those that feel the same as we feel, healthy.

We're able to visit and chat with some of the leading edge Health Practitioners from around the world. There are daily gatherings for fun filled healthy discussion. Join the healthy good times.

The Spa Samui Beach Resort (beachfront) on the Gulf of Thailand at Lamai Beach. This location is where The Spa Resorts originated as Thailand's first destination-health spa over 22 years ago. It's a social gathering place for health minded people, at a cosy beach side resort.

The Spa Samui Mountain Retreat, which was built in 2002, is set on picturesque Samui Rock formations nestled in Lamai Valley overlooking Lamai Beach. The Village, as many call it, provides a great oportunity to get some execise and enjoy the hill side views. It's very close to the Spa Beach.

There is a convenient shuttle bus service that runs between the two locations allowing guests the benefit of both the beach and the tranquil hillside easily. Both do daily Detox colon cleansing, Yoga classes, and free Meditation classes.


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The Five Habits to Longevity

The habit of doing periodic Detox cleansing fasts – This is a routine derived from ancient Taoist Chinese teachings that can add years to life. Daily fasting with detoxifier drinks, herbal supplements and internal tissue cleansing enemas. Our approach is based on the science and practice of fasting developed in the USA by internationally respected fasting authorities Dr. Richard Anderson and Dr. Bernard Jensen.

It is recommended with any of our programs to arrive a few days early in order to pre-cleanse properly and to stay on for a couple of days afterwards to break the cleanses properly.  See the Detox section for more details.

The habit of correct breathing – Learn daily in your Yoga and Qui Gung classes.

The habit of eating the right foods with the right foods – We can give you recommendations for a healthy diet that you can easily master, learn a proper eating practice after you cleanse. We have health experts available for consultation. Raw Food Classes are also available.

The habit of exercise – Develop a one-hour daily exercise routine. Join our Yoga classes or join our Boot Camp if you really want to exercise.

The habit of a peaceful mind – Reserve two daily periods for meditation or just peaceful contemplation, about 20-30 minutes each. You can learn to turn off the chatter in your head, and give your mind a rest. Join our daily free meditation classes, at either resort. 


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  • Check it out, check it out. It’s incredible, check it out !!! You gave me a new outlook for life

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