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Convalescence Retreats

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You are recovering from surgery, an accident or recent trauma/stress, the Spa Resorts provide a unique nurturing environment for your health improvement and stamina – with facilities that help to relax, do light exercise, enjoy a daily massage, walk into the rice fields and woods and enjoy a healthy cuisine. If you cannot bring a family member to be with you during this time, we can provide a professional nurse to stay with you when needed.



  • Accomodation 7 nights
  • Morning Juice
  • Breakfast (can be all raw food optional)
  • Lunch (can be all raw food optional)
  • Dinner (can be all raw food optional)
  • Daily Massage
  • Airport Transfers

Optional (to be discussed with Health Director when arriving): Yoga, Herbal Steam Room/Far Sauna, 1 Colema daily, flora grow (Probiotic), Liver Flush Drink, Wheatgrass Juice, other Detox options. You can also consult with local alternative or traditional health practitioners. Please ask for details before your arrival so we can provide you with a list of available health practitioners incl. acupuncturists, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Remedial Yoga, Massage Therapists, etc.


During the day there will be plenty of time to rest, reflect, explore the nearby spectacular wonders of Chiang Mai or simply enjoy the luxurious facilities the Spa Resort Chiang Mai has to offer which include the Bamboo Spa massage, Thai Herbal Steam Room (optional), 2 Far Saunas (optional), a Tea House, a Tennis Court, 2 Swimming Pools, a Putting Green, Thai Bocce Ball Bowling Court, Jogging/Exercise Loop and unlimited miles of walking or bicycling trails.
Each day will begin with a wake-me up morning juice, followed throughout the day by delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the award winning "Radiance Restaurant" specializing in vegetarian, vegan and raw food cuisine, prepared with fresh organic and local ingredients. Option is a Raw Food Class.

For booking and detailed daily retreat schedule, please contact